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Please e-mail us or contact us with any questions regarding our Privacy Policy.


For the full details, please read on.

We Will Never Ask For Your Information Via e-mail or telephone

You can rest assured that anyone who contacts you in this manner does not represent us. If you do receive such contact, please report it to us by telephone (see our contact information), or by alerting us to such a security incident here.

In the very rare instance that we need to verify your information or details of an order, we might contact you but only to ask you to contact us (see our contact information).  In such an instance, we will include some of your order information (such as when the order was placed, what items were ordered) so that you will be confident it is a legitimate request.

Personal Information Collection

In general, you may visit our web site or contact us by telephone without providing any personal information.

Of course, we will need to collect some of your personal information if you order a product, ask for support, request to return a product for repair, etc.

Personal Information Privacy

We keep our customer information private. We will only disclose your personal information to third parties in order to fulfill a shipping order, provide customer service and the like. Even when we do disclose your personal information, we only disclose the minimum amount of your personal information that is relevant for providing such services.

Our Vendors And Suppliers

We require that our vendors and suppliers adhere, at least, to our privacy and security policies.

If Required By Law

We may have to disclose personal information when required to do so by law, court order or subpoena.

When we are required to disclose personal information by law, we may not be at liberty to notify those that we are compelled to disclose personal information about.

We must abide by the laws of our jurisdiction.

Credit Card Information

All Credit Card orders are cleared via trusted third parties without our site storing any of your Credit Card information.

When we take an order using a Credit Card over the phone, we only use the credit card information for authorization. We do not store your credit card information after authorization. We retain only a credit card transaction number from our trusted third parties so that we may follow-up in case of problems. We record the IP address of any computer that requests a Credit Card transaction for security reasons.

We Record IP Addresses

We record the IP addresses of all users of our sites and all credit card transactions. The former is for general statistics for our web site, the latter is for your security.

We Collect Your Information Securely

When we do collect your personal information, we do so securely. Look for a lock symbol in your browser (the lock symbols are different for each browser).

Children Under 12

We do not collect personal information of children under 12, as required by the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). If you are a parent of a child that is 12 and under that has provided us with any personal information, please contact us.

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