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  powerONE   powerTWO (N/C)
  powerONE is a programmable automotive controller that can be used for functions such as shift lights, rev limiter, water pump or fan control, just to name a few. Control functions can be combined; for example, shift lights with a rev limiter.

Protect the $$$ you've got invested in that engine and manage those performance enhancements.
  powerTWO manages control designs for the powerONE controller. 

It creates designs, programs them into the powerONE controller and allows dynamic monitoring of designs at run-time.
  Get the powerONE Datasheet (1.9M)   Get the powerTWO Datasheet (2.8M)
  Get the powerONE QuickStart Guide (400K)   Get the powerTWO User Manual (1.5M)
  pwmONE   OBD-II (CAN) Cable
  pwmONE is a PWM (pulse width modulation) output driver for powerONE.   6' Cable for connecting OBD-II to the CAN input on the back of powerONE.
  pwmONE Hardware Get the pwmONE Datasheet (1.2M) pwmONE Datasheet   OBD-II cable
  Application Notes    
  Application notes contain detailed technical information that illustrate various uses of powerONE.    
powerONE - front powerONE - back
  powerONE Front Panel   powerONE Back Panel    
  • only 4" wide, 4" deep, 7/8" high and 0.5 lbs
  • 12 Leds (10 yellow, 2 red)
  • USB connection for configuration and monitoring
  • Ambient Light Meter
  • Ambient Temperature Meter
  • Battery Power Meter
  • Activity Led
  • Power Led
  • RTC (Real-Time Clock)
  • SEEP (Serial EEPROM) for logging
  • Power (can also be powered by USB only)
  • Rpm input
  • 8 User inputs or outputs
  • Can (OBD-II) interface
  • User inputs can be sense (logic), analog, frequency, and interval
  • User outputs can be control (logic) or PWM (pulse width modulation)
  • All user value inputs can have associated range values
  powerTWO   Example powerONE Design - ShiftRevlimit_1
  • creates control designs
  • downloads designs to powerONE
  • monitors a powerONE unit and shows run-time values
  • records all data from a powerONE unit for later analysis
  • supported design elements include user inputs and outputs, CAN (OBD-II) inputs, Rpm input, Leds, switch, input decoder, logical and/or/xor, timer or delay, min/max, count, log active, notes, ambient light, ambient temperature, battery power monitor
  • flexible connection of design elements; i.e.,

if Rpm > 6000 and Water Temp > 145, turn on led 11

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